Peter Höglund
Interaction Designer
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[Rec]ing Ball

What would a surface sound like

[Rec]ing Ball is a experimental concept to find out if it is possible to present a surface via audio. We wanted to find out what a surface could sound like. By recording any surface with the hand held optical device that surface presents as audio via the connected speaker.

The [Rec]ing ball is made with Arduino and have a photo sensor which detects lights. The light is then transformed into tones. The faster you swipe the recorder over a surface the higher will the tempo of the melody be. A darker surface will produce a darker tone and a lighter surface will produce a lighter tone. You can even pause the recording and pick it up again at any time. These function together makes it possible to create, and play, any melody with the hand held recorder. And that with only two buttons.

[Rec]ing ball

What would a surface sound like?


Brief: Visualize data

Approach: Non obvious way/exploration

Solution: Present something visual through sound

Tech: Arduino, light sensor and sound