Peter Höglund
Interaction Designer
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A ludic design concept

Imagin a whole world to play around with inside a box. Ever changing and controlled by you. That was the staring point of what was to be the Trap-zoid (from its trapezoid shape).

Trap-zoid is an interactive shadowbox where the objects can be controlled and reacts to how the box moves. Trap-zoid consist of a box with a screen on the top side. The 3D-world displayed reacts to how the user tilts or shakes the box making objects move or rumble.

When holding the box the user always have a 3D-perspective when looking down at the screen. When the box is tilted so is the displayed world, tricking the user to experience a real perspective.


A ludic design concept


Brief: Physical controller to navigate a 3D environment

Approach: Experiment with ludic design

Solution: "Physical box" where you can play with any kind of object

Tech: Unity 3D, Nintendo Wii-mote

Idea generation led to different concepts on how to play with a 3D-world within a box.

A quick low-fi mock up was built for proof of concept. The object controlled was at this stage a real ball on top of a computer generated world.

Mid-fi prototype. At the time it was called Yes Box

To optimize usability different forms were analyzed. The sides needed to be in an angle to not hit the users legs when tilting the box got a trapezoid shape shape.

When the decision on shape was made the high-fi prototype was built and the final 3D-environment was created.

User tests where done on all prototype stages (low-, mid- and high-fi). This is the final user test.

Final prototype of the Trap-zoid